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Storage & Warming Instructions

Keep your pretzels super fresh and store them in the freezer! When you're ready to enjoy, simply moisten your frozen pretzels with water and sprinkle with the pretzel salt provided. (Please note: pretzel salt is provided for all shipped unsalted pretzels). Now comes the easy part, just pop your pretzels in a 350-degree preheated oven. There's no need to thaw; these guys will be ready shortly. A list of recommended baking times is offered below. Since ovens vary, you may need to adjust times/temps, and always keep an eye on your goods.
  • Twists: 6-8 min
  • Pretzels: 8-10 min
  • Buns: 10-12 min

Did you know? Pretzels that remain in the freezer can last six months or more!

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Storage & Warming Instructions